What we do

We provide end to end AI implementation services. Our services include


Our AI consultation service is designed to help businesses to identify, plan, implement and execute AI to increase efficiency and productivity.

AI application Building:

Based on your specific needs, we build AI based application with the right AI technology like Machine Learning, Scikit-learn, Image Recognition, Face and Mood Detection, NLTK, NLP, etc.

Product building:

If you have an idea on AI, we have the expertise to make your idea real. Share your idea to get a quotation.

Fields of AI

We work in almost all the AI fields with the most advanced technologies

Machine Learning (ML):

Machine Learning is used in every AI based application. Based on the client’s need, we create a dataset which is used to train the application. Each business generates a large volume of data which can be used as a dataset.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

With this technology, we can process natural language like English, Spanish etc. With NLP, we can build an application which will read and understand human language like a human and based on its understanding, the application can take any decision to meet a predefined goal.

Image Recognition:

With a large number of the dataset (high-quality images), we can train an application which will recognize images of similar types with high accuracy. Image recognition can be used in many sectors like medical, retail, infrastructure, automotive etc.

Face recognition:

We can train an application with the high-quality images of human faces and the application will be fully capable of recognizing the human. This technology can be used for many application like attendance system, security system etc.

Mood Detection:

We have successfully tested an application which we trained with human moods and the application is capable of detecting the mood of any person with almost 90% of accuracy.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Speech Recognition:

With the help of this technology we can train an application which will understand the human speech and based on the understanding, it will take certain action. Google Assistance and Apple Siri are the perfect examples of speech recognition application.

Spam Protection & Threat detection:

With machine learning, we can train an e-mail client with spam datasets to make spam free inbox. Cyber threats can come in various patterns which can be detected and blocked by AI-based security apps.

Technologies we work with


This is an efficient ML library built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib. We use this mainly for data mining and data analysis. Scikit- Learn can also be used for image processing, face recognition and scientific ML applications.


This is a very powerful library for image processing and it has interfaces for python, java and C/C++. We mainly use this for image processing.


We mainly use it for language processing, voice processing, and object detection. Tensorflow has thousands of algorithms and functions which can be used to build powerful ML application.

Natural Language Toolkit:

NLTK is very powerful for text processing and natural language understanding. We use it to parse texts data and train AI applications with the text-based data.

Core ML:

This is a machine learning framework provided by Apple. Core ML has a 3-module Vision Framework that is used to develop apps for landmark detection- image recognition, text detection and general feature tracking.


An open source library for NLP and speech recognition.


It is almost impossible to build an AI application without using python. We have used python almost everywhere where AI was implemented.


ChatterBot is used for automated chatting and conversions (chatbot). It generates automated responses by using Machine Learning Algorithms.

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