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Cloud Solutions

Make your business scalable with our cloud solutions

Businesses always look for flexibility to get more control over their resources, get the most out ofthem, and do so cost effectively. Cloud solutions provide the much needed impetus to these business houses and Intelebee implements the various facets of the same, precisely to take care of the goals of their clients. Our experts at Intelebee recommend the best-fit cloud solutions that enable organizations to achieve their business objectives stretching their capabilities and boundaries while keeping the costs to a minimum.



Actually, Intelebee helps organizations derive maximum business value from cloud computing technology. We do so by utilizing the skills and knowledge of our seasoned experts, who design a roadmap for adopting cloud solutions. Our cloud experts make reference architectures and procedures that give pronounced assurance in terms of solutions and services. We assess the sensitivity of the information that may move to the cloud. Since migrating applications includes a number of moving parts, it’s vital to develop a phased deployment strategy. We supervise the complete process, from environment design to managing hosted applications for public cloud, private and hybrid clouds. We will also suggest third-party options that best suit your business and IT needs. Our testing team is best at their job and do rigorous testing before giving it back to clients. To ensure fulfillment with industry and government policies, we also point security safeguards that must be put in place to integrate with your current rules. We come across with optimum SaaS (Software as a service) solutionsthat fit perfectly with your requirements.

Our main objective is to improve business performance through the strategic integration of pure cloud-based business software. At Intelebee, we take care of clients’ goal and accordingly provide optimum solution for cloud applications. We are extensively equipped in this domain and by analyzing our knowledge we provide well driven solutions for our clients that subsequently diminish project timeline.

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