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The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real world implementation of a mobile healthcare communication application, by team Intelebee. The document provides virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making DocsInk a global product.

DocsInk LLC is a North Carolina based startup, envisioned to build a mobile healthcare communication platform. The goal was to bridge the information gap among the doctors, patients, and other value chain players in the medical and healthcare ecosystem. The intended outcome was to help physicians maximize revenue, improve care coordination, eliminate clinical silos, and improve healthcare outcomes of patients. The business idea attracted invested interests and DocsInk has been able to secure $1 Million in Series A funding to date.

Project Requirements

The platform vision of DocsInk was to build an end-to-end cloud based solution that could provide a wide range of value added functionality, such as charge to capture notification, optimal billing, and tele-health delivery services. The design mission was to allow every stakeholder to communicate seamlessly, save time, and make money- all at an optimal cost. The absence of such solutions was creating significant loss of revenue for healthcare service providers in the hospitals or ambulatory surgical units.

What Intelebee did?

Intelebee was a young startup and an emerging leader in the application engineering service provider space. DocsInk outsourced the development of some of its critical modules to Intelebee for its innovative platform.

Integrated tele-health video component - The application is designed to address the Triple Aim initiative by improving health outcome and patient engagement, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing otherwise prohibitive costs of Emergency Department, specialty, and urgent care visits, with an integrated tele-health video component. Its Telehealth module sets up in seconds with a webcam and microphone that is already available in the laptop.

HIPAA Secure Texting - HIPAA compliant secure text messaging platform delivers patient centric text messaging and notifications and instantly connects the practice providers, referral network, and staff in the most efficient communication platform available to healthcare today. Its HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging platform deploys in minutes and connects you to everything.

Messaging + Mobile Charge Capture - The charge capture features and functionality are being used by single provider clinics, multi-specialty organizations of several hundred providers, and hospital systems that span counties and networked healthcare communities. The charge capture functionality has been built for ease of adoption across any organization or healthcare system.

Referral/Consult Management - This feature simplifies and enhances the healthcare provider’s workflow. It allows a user to go through minimal entry procedure, do the submission work, get notified during any time, and also continue the care coordination. This is a single feature, which reduces the work pressure and saves the time length by hour per shift.

Automated Admission/Discharge/Transfer & Clinical Push Notifications - This module also helps in enhancing and carrying forward the provider’s workflow and the patients associated with the service. With continued notification and care coordination, this feature is developed to meet the end demands.

Automated Transition Care Management Dashboard - - It helps in providing the care coordination management with a hosted dashboard with real time notifications of the patients. The module meets the needs to transit the patients, from expensive ED utilization back to the PCP, for any disease and acre management by effectively reducing the hospital admission rates.

Rounding & Call Schedule Management - This feature knows the significance of healthcare the best. It meets the needs of every patient round the clock, 24*7*365. Just as healthcare does not stop for a moment, so as this feature. With this attribute, every person can schedule their meeting with any respective doctors or patients over a single platform.

Secure Patient Portal - This secure network of the product serves security to the communication of one and all. This module meets best the importance of keeping each information safe and secure.

Application Screens

Docsink screen Docsink screen Docsink screen Docsink screen


The visionary platform required integration of multiple mobile and web technologies. The platform requirements were constantly changing and the Intelebee team had to reach an extra mile in order to meet the time-to-market needs of the customer.

The platform development started with a prototype of the entire system, which eventually evolved to a larger application. Stakeholder’s real input constantly fed into the system design, to ensure product market fit. However, such development processes required a very robust change management process and great cross border communication- a problem that was evolved by constant communication between Intelebee and DocsInk.

DocsInk is an app that runs thoroughly on web, iOS and Android platform. The foremost challenge for the developers was to run and implement hybrid code and native code run together as a single application in the mobile devices.

Successful Delivery:

From the beginning, the team worked to make the system scalable, from database to the functional level. The development team had to put in good effort to understand and implement the changing requirements and specifications. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation. The Intelebee R&D team got involved and worked parallel with the development team in introducing the latest technology and made it successful. Since it was agile development process, the development did not stop for technical challenges. Rather the R&D team helped them for different technical challenges that the developer faced during the implementation. The Intelebee development team eliminated the time zone barrier to a large extent by making themselves available ensuring 70% time overlap with DocsInk zone.

Client Experience:

The successful timely delivery of the product helped DocsInk to secure several happy and satisfied clients, and the list continues to grow each day. The dedicated and committed efforts of the offshore development team contributed significantly to the successful market launch of this innovative solution. Intelebee also provided flexibility in resource management and made sure that the right talent is available at the right time. DocsInk is on its way to clock $1M revenue within a year of the product launch. Intelebee takes pride in helping its valued client and partner in achieving this feat.

Some of the testimonials of DocsInk from the industry community speaks volume of the value which the DocsInk platform has brought to the industry, and Intelebee is proud of being the successful team behind turning DocsInk from and idea to reality.

“DocsInk has really helped with communication between myself and the outpatient physicians. There are many positives that hospitals bring to the care of patients, but one thing that is a constant focus of quality improvement projects is real time communication between the inpatient care providers and the outpatient care givers. DocsInk goes a long way in helping this process.” – Kavin Cannon, MD, Wilm. Health Hospitalist.

A lead physician from a major ACO was quoted as saying, "DocsInk is the long awaited solution that cost effectively addresses the issues facing health care today. It is technology that actually works for physicians, instead of just one more concession that we have to make.”

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