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“Our people make us. Our collective goodness, skill, sincerity and hard work allow us to create a workplace beaming with optimism, which emerge from our past work.”

You will feel the ambience of our office environment, once you enter our premises. Just take a little stroll and you will come across busy professionals sitting in their cubicles beaming with confidence and concentrating hard to implement ideas of our clients. Take a few more steps and you will find a group of bright young people sitting in the conference room and brainstorming to give shape to a client’s thought process to make it a reality. Enter the cafeteria and you will come across individuals and small groups taking a well deserved break, laughing and talking to one another before taking a dip in their daily work once more. The color of the walls, the smoothness of the floor, the interior and the people synchronize perfectly and reflects our work culture.

Our information engineering hub is based in Lehi India, Utah, USA and Miami, USA. The supporting centers are based in Kolkata, India and Sweden.

All you need to do is enter our office premises take a cup of your preferred hot drink (Yes there are options!) and start a business talk with US!

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