Smarter Transactions

With the advent of technology, traditional methods of financial services are gradually getting replaced by digital financial operations. Customers 3.0 are not only digitally well connected but also well informed and demand a healthy personalized financial approach in their respective communications, products and services. Mobility has opened new horizons to banking transactions with app-based services enabling users to transfer funds and pay bills from anywhere at any time. Thus, customers are increasingly engaging themselves in SaaS(Software as a service) and Baas( Banking as a service) facilities.

Fintech and Finance

An impressive number of Fintech startups are coming up, providing numerous alternative solutions to primitive monetary methods with their customized services over the internet. Fintech services encompass management of assets and automation of insurance and payment through mobiles, tablets and computers by using advanced technologies. If you have some idea relating to Fintech, please Share with us.

Machine Learning and Finance

Machine Learning is now being used in prediction and identification of patterns such as buying signal, selling signal etc. in various market kinds such as stock market, derivative market, commodity market, etc. These signals are usually generated by making use of the archived data. Almost all kinds of technical analysis and fundamental analysis can be done through Machine Learning algorithms. Algo trading is one of the attractive segment for the investors but in most cases, investors do not have adequate technology support or access to build algo trading platform or application. Intelebee has highly skilled and talented developers who can build such the algo trading platform for you maintaining strict privacy of knowledge and data. The IP of the application will belong to you only. Please contact us to build your dreamed application.

We, at Intelebee, employ smart and innovative approaches to ensure optimized financial services. Intelebee is fully equipped and capable of providing the right financial solutions which can meet Customer 3.0 's expectations and build better customer relationships.

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