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The growth of mobile applications has led to a revolution of sorts in every sector including the healthcare industry. The impact of mobile connectivity on the healthcare industry, has brought ample efficiency to each parties of the value chain. These applications have been beneficial to healthcare professionals in several ways, like enhancing connectivity, tracking reports, appointment reminders, and big data calculations. They are allowing the professionals to make rapid decisions at a lowered error rate, increase in quality of data management, bring better accessibility, and improve overall efficiency.

Intelebee helps healthcare organizations such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacy, insurance etc. to take advantage of cloud based application which consolidate the businesses by optimizing the server and maintenance cost and increasing efficiency by a complete automation. Intelebee also provides effective mobility solution which enables organizations to step further towards the patient-centric approach. We can fully leverage capabilities of modern mobile platforms to create elegant and easy-to-use mobile health apps.

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