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Infrastructure and transportation

Vast development of technology over the last decade creates a new era. People are trying to familiarize themselves with this change and are utilizing new technologies like GPS, mobility etc. at a faster pace. This is the time to modernize business practices for industries like infrastructure, construction and public transit. Infrastructure and transportation service providers need market-leading strategies and solutions in order to optimize their services to customers while maintaining operating profits. Increased regulation, globalization, and changing competitive boundaries are constantly challenging the operating models of these organizations. The constant shift of market needs and rapid advance in technologies and global supply chain practices are creating significant opportunities for organizations to transform and innovate their services. Mobile applications provide the opportunity to take a streamlined approach to operational efficiency in the transportation and infrastructure industry.

Intelebee helps organizations to adapt to this dynamic market condition and the new customer's needs for a digital age by implementing the right technology and providing solutions which not only increases the operational efficiency and improves customer engagement but also improves their offerings, customer acquisitions process etc. for greater sustainability. Our customized application will show positive results in developing business leads and obtaining greater process efficiencies. We can help you transform all aspects of your organization, including people, process, data, and technology in order to optimize your business outcomes.

Intelebee has successfully implemented many mobility solutions using GPS / geolocation, geo-fencing technology and social media strategy for public transit organizations to improve today's customer interaction and consolidate the customer relations and customer engagement.

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