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The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real-world implementation of a web application by team Intelebee. The document provides a virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making Inkubate a global product.

Project details

Inkubate is a Pittsburgh, U.S.A based client, who is envisioned to bring a very interactive web platform for authors and publishers worldwide. Inkubate is a professional B2B network for the producers and procurers of creative contents to connect, and commercialize their work. The goal was to build a fast and convenient network that could seamlessly link everyone within the same publishing ecosystem. Each of the site’s aspect is data driven which makes it easy for either parties to stay updated. The intended outcome was to allow novice writers and publishing houses to come in one unanimous web platform that would help them connect and share their work better.

Project Requirements

The primary requirement of Inkubate was to build a unanimous web platform that would commercialize the way novice writers and publishers could connect, and share their works. Inkubate was expected to be a convenient network that would provide a recognition to the works of new writers. The performance requirements of Inkubate was expected to be easy and professional at the same time. It’s a step by step process that allows a writer to upload, curate, maintain their work and categorize their content. With its modern functionality such as categorize, edit, and pitch fresh content, Inkubate makes uploading easy for aspiring writers and established authors. Inkubate’s performance depends entirely upon the tools that enable agents, editors and publishers to easily discover and market successful projects that sell. Inkubate was required to be fast, easily accessible, and a reliable platform; that would allow either party to be a significant part of the ecosystem.

Significant features developed:

  • The most significant feature of Inkubate is that every aspect of the product is data driven. Whether it be viewers, searches, or downloads, every segment is driven by real time data, which allows the writers to stay updated with their works and act accordingly for their next projects. The data features enables a registered writer/ publisher to see almost everything that happens with their uploaded contents. Until Inkubate happened, there was hardly any product that could guide any writer or publisher so well in the real time market. Intelebee team had modernized the way a writer’s content could be viewed and helped them accelerate in the real market, getting access to the right sources.
  • Based on the present architecture and data flow of Inkubate, the architects of Intelebee designed the solution which could seamlessly meet the market requirements. The solutions included some vital features-
    • Dashboard- The ‘Dashboard’ feature is the most significant feature of Inkubate, which is developed in a very simplified manner. The dashboard provides the feeds/ notifications on every action that takes place. The publisher’s dashboard is further divided into 3 parts- Authors, Editors, and Publishers, which is jointly known as AEP. This is done mainly to simplify the engagement and help the users land on locations that are productive to them.
    • PitchIts- The PitchIt feature enables a writer to compose a very short “pitch”, that feeds directly to the dashboards of agents, editors, and publishers who have opted in to receive PitchIts notifications. These feeds will be click-able and deliver back to the work from which PitchIt feed originated.
    • Who’s Looking- This feature is where the data driven functionality comes into existence the most. The feature is developed mainly to help writers stay updated with their works. It shows the numbers of visits made to their profile, number of downloads made within their works, and the number of times their works have made it to the search list. The feature also allows publishers to bookmark works of any writers, which functions under the ‘Bookshelf Titles’ functionality.
    • Discovery- This feature enables a publisher to filter their searches and land on profiles/ works as per requirements. It allows a publisher to filter searches by type of work, format of the doc, genre of the content, as well as previously saved works.

Application Screens

inkubate screen inkubate screen inkubate screen inkubate screen


The greatest challenge for Intelebee while working on the project was to build an online platform that:

  • Was easy to access and would fetch real time feeds
  • Could handle large size database

The project of Inkubate was built previously in ASP.net and SQL database. It was a big risk and challenge for the Intelebee team to convert the entire project into PHP and incorporate the real data into MySQL. The website requirement constantly changed, real time updates were fed into it, to which the Intelebee team had to deliver their best foot forward to make the concept a global product.

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