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Media and Publishing

Under the influence of online social media platforms, Media and Entertainment industry today is going through a sea of change. The traditional one device one-use concept has become outdated, which is replaced by multiple options device wise as well as presentation wise. Embracing this noticeable paradigm shift of consumers from print media towards digital media, media giants such as CNN and Fox Business Network have introduced their mobile applications to provide content to readers where they like it the most! The same trend can be observed among publishing houses having global reach and nowadays they are focusing more towards e-publishing and mobile publishing.

There are challenges and equally lots of benefits are awaiting the media and publishing industry if they use social media and mobile technology to understand the changing behavior pattern of the end customer and provide them with the desired service accordingly. In fact, researches conducted in recent times show 16% of users in Twitter treats it as social media and 8% takes it as a reliable source of news generation. Similarly, 64% use Facebook as social network while 30% utilize it to get news on site.

At Intelebee, we provide digital publishing solutions in form of mobile applications and we do so by using our years of knowledge in the field. We provide end to end e-publishing and mobility solutions to the media houses and readers. We ate Intelebee also provide online advertising solutions, social network development and content distribution channels to competently empower the entertainment value chain. With our e-publishing solutions media houses can publish books online with just a few clicks. In a few words, we provide the right mix of technology and domain acumen in order to craft the right solutions for media industry.

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