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Mobile technology creates a big impact in retail Industry. Now more than 65% of customers do research on internet before they shop for any products or services. Consumers want to have every product information online even if the products are from a heritage brick and mortar shop. They can easily compare different product prizes, give feedback, complaints and can even give advance orders. These give customers the opportunity to be better informed and make smarter shopping decisions.

With smartphone apps penetration reaching 1Bn users by 2015, the mobile retail trend among users and developers will continue. Our retail mobility solutions help you achieve ubiquity and a consistent multi-channel presence through cutting-edge mobile technology. With a strong mobility strategy, elevated customer experience, brand building techniques, and power of mobility in the hands of your sales staff – you can reach every customer with the right ammunition and delight them with a seamless shopping experience. Our e-commerce programs allow all brick and mortar shops to go online with minimum cost and effort. Our experts define and implement the right social media strategy for retail businesses to strengthen the marketing process.

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