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The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real-world implementation of a mobile based social payment application done by team Intelebee. The document also provides a virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirements, making ShareNPay a global product.

Project details

ShareNPay, Inc. is a Utah, U.S.A based startup, envisioned to make financial transactions inherently a social engagement and easier than ever. The goal was to build a safe and easy mobile platform that would enable payment and collection of money within peers. The intended outcome was to allow users to communicate with anyone in the network, as well as check the details of the concerned transactions.

Project Requirements

The primary requirement of ShareNPay was to build a mobile platform ecosystem using social network that uniquely modernizes the way financial transactions take place, and information are shared, whilst combining a positive and enjoyable user experience. The performance requirement was to build an end-to-end mobility solution that would provide a wide range of functionality such as Pay, Collect, Share, and Instant Messaging. The design requirement was to make a unified communication application that would be fast, secure, easy to use, and easily accessible; that would allow stakeholders to be part of seamless financial transactions, in a very social experience.

Significant features developed by Intelebee:

  • Robust and secured admin panel based on node application that supports both android and iOS apps. This application eventually connects to different bank APIs to send/receive money in real time.
  • User profile setup and join the app – Any user from the state of Utah (for the moment it’s not nationwide), can join the app and can setup their profile themselves.
  • Global search - The ‘Global Search’ feature is designed in a manner that it enables a user to search a friend from anywhere within the ecosystem.
  • Pay - After detailed R&D, Intelebee team developed the ‘Pay’ functionality in a very simplified manner that enables a user to pay money using personalized 4 digit numbers. The feature is smartly designed by the team enabling a user to collect the money, if paid to a wrong addressee.
  • Collect- This functionality enables a user to receive funds from anyone within the shared network. To avoid any sort of unscrupulous act, the functionality is designed in a manner that it notifies both the parties for every ‘collect’ request made. The recipient can then either approve or decline the request.
  • Split- This feature is developed to encourage and enable group engagement within the network. The tool enables members in a group to split bills or collect funds for personalized activities. Development of such custom feature required constant up gradation and real time feeds which the Intelebee team met with very meticulously.
ShareNPay_app ShareNPay_app

Application Screens

share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen share-n-pay screen


The greatest challenge as well as opportunity for Intelebee was to build a social platform that:
  • Proved to be easy for users
  • Would maintains high level of security for each of the transactions and interactions
  • Connects bank’s existing payment API
  • Would be scalable for company’s rapid growth
  • Allowed consistency in service worldwide

The visionary platform required integration of multiple mobile technologies. The application requirement changed constantly, for which Intelebee team had to stretch the extra mile to meet the time-to-market needs of the customer.

The project started with a prototype design of the entire system, which eventually evolved to a larger application. Real inputs of users/ stakeholders were constantly fed into the system design, to ensure that the final product design fits the market. The use of different technologies, fragmented procedures, multiple online registrations, brought in an increased level of complexity for the Intelebee team.

Solutions provided/ How Intelebee delivered

Most of the critical modules of SharenPay project were developed by Intelebee; and the highly experienced pool of Intelebee technicians with the leverage of modern technologies, successfully attended the requirements, making SharenPay a successful product in the global market. The Intelebee team from the very beginning worked in coordination with the SNP in-house team, to make the system scalable, from database to functional level.

Intelebee team has showed their best hands in technical expertise to make the project a success. Intelebee R&D team got involved and worked parallel with the development team in introducing the latest technology and made it successful. Since it was agile development process, and the client being a constant part of every cycle, technical challenges never became a hindrance. The product has been developed for both iOS and Android platform. The team has adopted Node Js and Zend Framework for building the web service or API of the product. The Admin section was developed using Zend Framework Version 1.0. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation. Further, the development team also eliminated the time zone barrier to a large extent by making themselves available, ensuring 70% overlap with SharenPay team’s time zone.

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