Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is the core of the AI which gives applications the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning applications access the new data and run algorithms on them to learn in order to improve their ability for perfection. Every business is generating a large volume of data each day. With the help of Machine Learning technologies we can identify a specific pattern or a trigger which in turn unlocks the hidden opportunities or possibilities important to the business. Businesses leaders are no more taking decisions based on their intuition instead, they are depending the data generated by their businesses in decision making and concluding. Machine Learning together with Big Data has created this new era of Data Driven Decision(DDD) making in the world of business.

The possibility of the use of ML application is not just limited to decision making in the businesses but it’s power can be used everywhere starting from healthcare to customer care. Experts are already using image recognition technique to identify diseases in the human body from the images taken by medical devices. Possibilities are endless and as a decision maker you need to identify the right spot where ML can be implemented and possibility of how a machine learning application take your business to the next level which will give you a competitive advantage.

Why Machine Learning


Human race has been suffering from human errors from the beginning of our journey on the earth. The main reason of human error is ‘concentration’ and ‘capacity’.
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Over the years machines have proved themselves to be more reliable than human in certain areas in terms of performing the specific tasks.
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Intervention minimized

As machine learning technology enables machines to train themselves, the intervention of human become irrelevant and the cost get reduces.
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New Possibilities

Speech Recognition

Today users love to interact with devices/phones with their own voice. Tech giants including Google and Apple are working on Speech recognition technologies using Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Through ML and deep learning neural network, we can build the speech recognition module which can be used in different applications. Using open source libraries in voice recognition, we can build a powerful application for your users to make your business more interactive and reachable.

Image Recognition

Machine learning technology has brought a new hope to the developers to develop image recognition applications with perfections. Image recognition has the endless possibilities starting from disease detection from scanned images generated by medical devices like X-ray to object detection at the supermarket billing counter. Now business owners can solve various problems like human errors in their business by introducing image recognition application.

Spam protection

We all use emails but immensely disturbed and irritated by spam emails. The existing spam protection techniques need extensive inputs from users and most of the time, they act like a dump. By machine learning, we can make spam protection app smarter and better. ML-based spam protection app trains itself based on the new spam emails received and it gets better and better on every passing day.

NLP: Natural Language Processing

We human interact with human languages like English but the computer could not understand our language until NLP was introduced. Everyday people generate a large volume of data on various media starting from social media to customer care dept. of a company. With the help of NLP, we can process these huge volumes of data and get the insights which were never possible before

NLG: Natural Language Generation

NLG has given developers opportunity to develop applications which can generate human language like English from huge computational data. Using NLG, media houses are developing an application which can write news articles after processing huge volume of data from various resources. This new field is called Robo-journalism

Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent is a nothing but a software application which interacts with humans like a human in human language with emotion and expression. With the help of NLU(natural language understanding), speech recognition and NLG, Virtual Agent can be built. There are many areas in the businesses where Virtual Agent can solve problems like reliability and accuracy.

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