Based on the nature of mobile app, scalability and target audience, we use the right technology to build the mobile app. Mostly, we suggest to use native languages like Objective-C, Swift, Java or Kotlin to build iOS and Android apps. Native languages have got a vast amount of advantages including development flexibility and loading speed. Apart from native languages, there are technologies such as and Dart by which we can build mobile apps.

Technology We Use

We work with the most popular and stable version of technologies to build mobile apps.

For iOS

Objective C: It is developed and suggested by Apple for developing native iOS apps. There are certain low-level features that can be implemented only by Objective-C.

Swift: It is a newly released programming language by Apple for developing native iOS app. This is a very robust and easy-to-use language which has recently become very popular among iOS developers.

For Android

Java: Java is the most popular, robust and stable programming language to develop native Android apps.

Kotlin: It is the newly launched programming language by Google for Android. Now Google is suggesting to use Kotlin for developing mobile apps. It is Google’s open source mobile user interface framework used for developing native applications for both platforms- Android and iOS. Flutter uses Dart. Dart is a single-threaded programming language which runs codes in flutter and Dart DVM. The stable version of Dart was released in 2016. Dart is mostly used with

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