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The purpose of this document is to highlight the process and results of a real-world implementation of a web and mobile application by team Intelebee. The document provides a virtual guidance on how solutions were provided to every individual requirement, making Tele Redi a global product.

Client introduction

Tele Redi is a U.S.A based startup, envisioned to build a mobile and web healthcare communication platform that could help obese people to connect with reliable dieticians. The goal was to bridge the information gap among dietician, patients, and other value chain players in a modernized healthcare ecosystem. The mission was to place a dietician on any device and in every home. The intended outcome was to offer modernized care to cure obesity, in a web and mobile platform that creates value for patients, dieticians, and physicians by reducing costs while improving patient compliance of care.

Project Requirements

The platform vision of Tele Redi was to build an end-to-end cloud based solution that can provide a wide range of value added functionalities such as online appointment booking, video-conferencing, online payment gateway, and online telehealth services. The design mission was to make a unified communication web and mobile platform that is secure, scalable, rapid, easy to access, and one that would allow every stakeholder to communicate seamlessly, save time, get personalized advice and be profitable- all at optimal cost. It was estimated that, around 100 million people in U.S.A suffer from the disease of obesity. Before Tele Redi, almost 200,000 patients had to undergo bariatric procedures of treatments that incurred heavy expenses. Tele Redi was created to attend these challenges and connect obese patients with dieticians effectively. Tele Redi was expected to serve as a secured and HIPAA compliant software platform to deliver dieticians with telehealth services via live and interactive video-conferencing or mobile applications, thus connecting a patient to a dietitian from the comfort of their home or office, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Features built

Intelebee is an emerging leader in the field of application engineering service. Tele Redi outsourced the product development of most of its critical modules to Intelebee; and to attend the time-to-market needs, Intelebee developed some of the significant features to make Tele Redi a global product. Based on the market needs, and the architecture and data flow of Tele Redi, the Intelebee architects developed the following functionalities -

  • HIPAA compliant platform- HIPAA compliant secure platform delivers patient centric communication, and instantly connects the practice providers, patients, and staff in the most efficient communication platform available to healthcare today. The HIPAA compliant platform deploys in minutes, and helps patients including those suffering from obesity to connect with registered dieticians via video conferencing anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Select and schedule appointment- Tele Redi is patient oriented service, and hence, values the convenience of the patients/ customers. Tele Redi offers complete leverage to the people within the ecosystem to select and schedule appointments as per convenience and need.
  • Electronic communication- Tele Redi is entirely a telehealth product, which means, exchange of medical information from one end to another via electronic communication. Tele Redi operates upon multiple mobile technologies, offers two way video conferencing, blends in various mobile devices, and supports online chatting and mailing, and other forms of telecommunications technology.
  • A combination of all the modern functionalities developed by Intelebee has created value for patients, dieticians, as well as the entire supply chain by:
    • Improving access to care
    • Decreasing waiting times
    • Decreasing healthcare costs
    • Decreasing healthcare bottlenecks
    • Improving patient’s outcomes
    • Improving patient’s compliance
teleredi_app teleredi_app


• The visionary platform of Tele Redi, required integration of multiple web and mobile technologies. The online video conferencing functionality, that had to be built in a manner so it could be accessed in any mobile device, from anywhere, came as the biggest challenge of the project. The platform requirements constantly changed and the database was updated with each new registration. Tele Redi had to be a product of its own kind in the market, incorporating with all modern functionalities, and providing a communication experience like never before. However, such development process required a very robust change management process and great cross border communication- a problem that was solved by constant communication between Intelebee and Tele Redi teams.

Solutions provided

From the very beginning, the Intelebee team worked in collaboration with Tele Redi team, to make the system scalable, from database to functional level. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation.

The core part of the website and application is that it creates a platform between dietitian & patient. The Intelebee developing team has used Open Tok services for video conferencing - OpenTok is the leading WebRTC platform used for generating live-video, voice, and messaging to your websites and mobile apps. Apart from that, the team had also used Node.js for fast, easy, and scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Further, the team eliminated the time zone barrier to a large extent by making themselves available, ensuring 70% time overlap with Tele Redi time zone.

The successful delivery of Tele Redi is a proof to the technical finesse of the Intelebee team. Tele Redi has paved a new mark in the global field of healthcare. It is an idea that was never sought before, a product that was never dreamt to create such waves in the global market. Tele Redi is the example of futuristic care; it is what healthcare is all about.

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