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Travel and Hospitality

Technological advances, in particular mobile technologies, have influenced our lives to a large degree. Mobile being the mainstream of development, it’s irresistible for hotel sector to not react to it. Mobile’s ubiquitous and on-the-go nature is changing the way people plan and book travel, while equally enhancing the on-destination experience. Today’s travelers expect mobile services wherever they are and for whatever they are searching. The expansion of mobile apps has a huge impact on every consumer experience, it puts the customer in control and provides convenience. Travelers today directly turn their phones for online bookings, directions and recommendations. People are using mobile apps to seek information on restaurants and hotels. From ordering their favorite food, to paying bills for a meal, everyone is depending on their handheld gadgets.

A global survey report shows that 60% of mobile users worldwide have downloaded and used a travel related app. Mobility solutions and easy access have helped the tourism industry so much that according to The Indian Monetary Fund (IMF) and the global GDP,the tourism industry by the end of 2014 had grown by 3.8% than the previous year.

Intelebee is experienced in crafting modern mobility solutions for the tourism industry which is based on the core technology of Cloud Computing, Mobility and Analytics, and Social Computing for Travel & Hospitality industry worldwide that meets the market requirements and scale. Our strategically developed IT solutions are cost effective, yet provide efficiency and sustainability to the Tourism and Hospitality industry, which keeps them strong and updated in the market. Our mobile apps are driving new customer acquisition, while building loyalty in existing customers through mobile-friendly CRM.

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