Who We Are

Intelebee helps businesses to evolve by implementing revolutionizing technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Bigdata, Cloud, etc. Considering the dynamic market condition and ever-changing user behavior, Intelebee suggests and implements the technology that matters to the businesses.

“Technology is for Businesses, Businesses are not for Technology”

Intelebee has successfully created a team of Tech Geeks, Business Analysts and Domain Experts. Together with a talented team, healthy workplace culture, Client centric policy, proper infrastructure and support, Intelebee has built an ecosystem which is fully capable of delivering high-end technology solution.

“Technology is our passion and solving ‘critical business problems’ is our inspiration”

Technology We Work With

Cloud Transition and Management

We help businesses configure and manage cloud services in an efficient way to optimize performance and server costs. The cloud servers we employ are Amazon Web Services( AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Cloudflare, and Solr. [MORE..]


We provide the right mobility solutions according to the requirements of the business. We provide solutions for iOS and Android using languages like Android SDK(Java), Swift and Objective C [MORE..]


We have vast experience in Database and we deal with a large volume of data in DB like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Solr, etc. We also optimize the database performance by implementing caching technologies like Redis and Memcached. [MORE..]


We provide smart contracts solutions using Ethereum Blockchain. Based on the client’s needs, Ethereum can be programmed using Solidity ( programming language). We create, program and manage private blockchain for our clients using Hyperledger. [MORE..]

IoT Prototyping/Embedded Programming

We build custom IoT solutions for any specific needs. We use the right sensors, micro-controllers or microprocessors and program them in a structured manner to build the end product. [MORE..]

Artificial Intelligence

Intelebee helps to identify the right areas of business where AI can be implemented. We work in various fields of AI like Machine Learning, Image Recognition, Face Emotion Recognition, NLP, NLG, Speech Recognition, Virtual Agent and many more using technologies like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, NLTK, OpenCV, NumPy, ChatterBot, Core ML, etc. [MORE..]

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