Our Story…

Appsbee was started in 2009.
Over the years, Appsbee has successfully placed itself as a trusted name; behind which is an ecosystem of global clients, talented resources, and international vendors. We believe that the contribution of these three to the company is paramount. The accountability and accomplishment it holds together has helped Appsbee to successfully continue to stand as a globally accepted brand. In 2017, Appsbee has launched its company, Intelebee in Austin, TX. Intelebee has been successfully providing technology services to the leading businesses globally.

At Intelebee, we build smarter businesses.
Intelebee is a place where ideas get evolved, nurtured, developed, launched and transformed into business. Intelebee works with entrepreneurs around the world very closely, on their concepts, providing a wide range of services like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Big Data and Enterprise Mobility.

Our Values

We have our own value wheels, embarking on which we have overcome the hurdles, and successfully reached the global standard. We are proud to announce that our innovated course has helped in making every project a success. Thanks to our carefully chosen paths, that have made endeavors seamless and smooth till date. Thus, being with us, you are sure to be on a No Bumps Road!

Intelebee embraces three core values:

  • Intelebee remains fair and honest in every aspect of the business
  • Intelebee is committed to client’s success
  • Respect for every individual, within and outside the organization

Intelebee remains fair and honest in every aspect of the business

Intelebee is commited to client’s success

Respect for every individual, within and outside the organization

Our Mantra

We all sing the chorus of Intelebee Mantra together. From hatching an idea to making it successfully implemented in the market, we never back down from any kind of challenges. Evolution of this hub is the gift of formulated Mantras. All hail the Intelebee Mantra!

Innovation At Intelebee


The focus of Intelebee is on innovation. Intelebee strongly believes that a creative spirit with innovative thought processes can yield outstanding results in every kind of business. Thus, Intelebee constantly strives to find the most innovative ways to create unique solutions according to the nature and need of every business structure. The team at Intelebee possesses the advanced technical know-how to skillfully identify the vital requirements and provide distinguished services in every domain of business.

With ‘out of the box’ thinking and smart approaches, Intelebee is aimed at finding effective ways of giving shape to the ideas of entrepreneurs and established business leaders. Teamwork, creativity and ingenuity help Intelebee unleash industry-oriented solutions that support any business model effectively. Intelebee, with its innovative perspectives, promises to provide high-end technical support, right from decoding the product idea from the entrepreneur to sustaining the product in the market.

In our information engineering hub, we are always inspired by innovative approaches and ensure delivery of useful solutions for the future industry. With a fast march towards the web 3.0 platform, every service needs to be intelligent. Our practical, powerful and robust business infrastructure enables us to do that for every client.

The prime list of our Approach Mode for addressing all kinds of IT requirements for any business model is presented below:

  • To make an intelligent future: With Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud the difference is in the vicinity of happening. We are adding to the process with our coherent thinking and technology.
  • To fasten business development pace: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Virtual Agent, Deep Learning are coming to the scene.
  • To cut down business risk factors: The success story of any business depends on the implementation of trusted technology in the right place at the right time. Chopping off the loose edges ensures strong movement ahead in any biz niche.
  • To choose simplified ways for a better result: Complex is not always smart, so modern IT hubs like Intelebee are choosing the smarter path of simplified innovation.
  • To add to user experience: UI experts today are incorporating AI technologies to build smarter interfaces, thus engaging a large number of users by ensuring more customized user interactions.
  • To make information accessible from any point through any system: Mobility has replaced many desktop dependent systems, which in turn has simplified information access. Business has thus become easily accessible to the customer. In the present market scenario, the data requirement is huge. Services like Big Data help to process such large volumes of data.
  • To make a difference to the world: Solution meant for making an intelligent future is what we furnish and develop.

Our Leadership

Soumen Das

Partner & COO with over 15 years of experience

Supratim De

Enterprise Solution Architect / Consultant with over 20 years of experience

Bonnhi Chowdhury

Partner & Business Analyst with over 10 years of experience

Jayanta Karmakar

Partner & Software Architect with over 15 years of experience

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