The Industry of Aviation

Mobile technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of airline operations and passenger experience. Passengers are making use of their smart-phones and tablets to book tickets and reserve seats. Many customers are using their mobile devices for self-service check-in, baggage tracking, gathering real-time information on arrival and departure and other relevant information.

Today, almost all the airlines sell tickets through mobile and social media channels. There are airlines which work by operating via iPads for the Cabin Crews to reduce the complicated manual operations.

Mobility and Indoor mapping

The Aviation industry has the need for fully fledged mobile solutions and applications that could help the customers avail their service at any time or place on the globe. As such, it has become very necessary for the Aviation industry to implement advanced airline IT solutions, airlines mobility solutions, e-commerce for aviation business, and better airlines customer experience management.

We have vast experiences in implementing Indoor Mapping in big international airports to facilitate passengers locate specific destinations inside airport premises. We provide end to end Indoor Mapping solutions to medium and large airports around the world. If you are an Airport Authority and interested to know more about the Indoor Mapping of your airport, please Contact us.

Intelebee is the leading technology service provider providing high-end solutions to facilitate medium and large airports around the world. As an Airport Authority, you may have some idea which can facilitate passengers, airport workers and airlines improve the process of daily activities. We can guide you through the development and implementation process of those ideas from ideation to deployment. Application development services, support and maintenance, quality assurance among all span of modern technology are our forte. We also deliver Infrastructure Services such as remote management, Network and Server Maintenance.

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