Why Big Data?

Over the last couple of decades, every business has been gathering information in digital form. This digitalization, along with increased user interaction, has resulted in the generation of more and more data. This huge volume of data has become unmanageable by conventional database systems (RDBMS) approach. Big data with the cloud is the ultimate solution to accessing, storing and analyzing such large volumes of data in a swift and reliable manner.

Our services on Big data

We provide a complete end-to-end solution on Big data implementation and transition. Our services include the following-

  • Big data implementation:
  • Cloud migration
  • Data migration from data center to Big data platform
  • Data migration from legacy mainframe to Big data
  • Application migration
Big data we work with

We work with popular and stable technologies in the Big data domain. We choose Big data technology based on the requirements and the client’s choice. We work with the following Big data technologies-

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Data lake
  • Solr
Big Data for streaming

The continuous and simultaneous generation of dynamic and unending data from an infinite number of sources is known as data streaming. In order to effectively process these simultaneous data in real-time, we need Big data.

  • It provides an optimized alternative to trace large quantities of data by converting data from RDBMS form to NoSQL form.

Intelebee and Big Data

How Intelebee assists companies with Big Data?

Understanding the need: We, at Intelebee, study the present system of the business in order to figure out how Big data can be incorporated into the system to revamp the data management.

Defining strategies: Intelebee helps to define the right strategies to integrate Big data into the present system. This is the stage of conceptualization.

Planning: Once the strategies are defined, we ensure smart and scientific planning for speedy implementation of Big data into the present architecture.

Implementation: This the actualization stage, where the Big data actually gets implemented into the system.

Monitoring: Once the Big data is implemented, we do constant monitoring to make sure that the upgraded system performance is smooth and error-free.

When Data is Big, You Need Big Data

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