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Artificial intelligence has been shaping business performance through enhanced planning, improved advertisements, risk management, sensible analysis and faster delivery. Machine Learning can solve critical and complicated problems in a jiffy using techniques like Problem-Solving, Speed Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image recognition, etc. It is no wonder that machines are anticipated to take over human intelligence in the near future.

Some Important Statistics

When used at a global level for growing businesses, AI can bring monumental advancement in the long run, by complying with every necessity that mankind requires. Improvement of business performances through AI will not only increase the individual profits of organizations but will also accelerate global economic growth as a whole.

  • IDC had predicted that Artificial Intelligence is going to support 40 percent of digital transformation and 100 percent of IoT.
  • According to Gartner Predictions, by 2020, 85 percent of enterprise relationship will be managed in customer services without human interactions.
  • Another AI prediction by Servion Global Solutions state that by 2025, AI is anticipated to influence 95 percent of customer service interactions, including live conversations through the telephone.

The coming year is going to witness the following trends in AI and Machine Learning:

More and More AI-based Tools and Procedures: Businesses are looking forward to tools of Machine Learning development for crystal clear model demonstration, highly optimized resource utilization, productive model analysis, information genealogy, scope investigation, data experimentation, etc. These tools will simplify AI deployment to business processes.

Businesses will move towards Partially Automated Models: It is not very easy for businesses to achieve 100% automation for their tasks, however many business activities are becoming partially automated with technologies like speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, etc. The popularity of these semi-automated models is sure to reach heights in 2019. With excessive market competition and the need for faster delivery of products and services to the market, businesses would not wait much for a fully automated model. They would rather move more of their tasks to semi-automation.  Every AI application service provider, Texas is looking forward to incorporating more of semi-automated AI models.

 AI-Based User Interfaces and User Experiences: Artificial Intelligence will be incorporated to create amazing, user-specific interfaces which will provide impressive scalability, extremely high speeds and unquestionable accuracy. AI-enabled user interfaces hold the momentum to provide high-class user experiences, which in turn, will lead clients and application users to be more and more reliable on AI-based systems.

Software and Hardware for Automated Sensing and Predictions: AI has already been employed for sensing emotions, body pulses, predicting market conditions, etc. with technologies like deep learning. Innumerable predictions are done by Facebook every hour and every day. 2019 is anticipated to see a large number of AI-based training systems for model development, automated sensing and automated predictions. For e.g., in retail, machine learning can be employed to automatically analyze the requirements and choices of the customers and provide automated product and service recommendations.

Improvement of Analytics with AI: Modern organizations have been investing well in building foundations for analytics improvement. Most businesses have already implemented technologies like natural-speech recognition, deep learning, problem-solving and other machine learning technologies in multifold areas. Organizations now look forward to implementing AI technologies in new areas as well as the old ones in an effort to improve analytics, be it business analytics, monitoring analytics, forecasting, etc.

Benefits of Hidden and Unproduced Data: ML and AI have given a benefit of handling billions of information in a precise way. Such data analysis is indicating new conceivable outcomes in business. ML identifies and discovers the hidden possibilities of business through mechanized examination of mammoth business data and procedures. AI will even give companies the advantage to put to use necessary data which are not produced by the company. This will give a competitive advantage to even the small-scale businesses.

There will be Importance of Hybrid Systems: Nowadays, most end-to-end frameworks are hybrid in nature. 2019 is anticipated to witness more of the fundamental roles of different segments and strategies including many model-based techniques such as evolutionary networks, fuzzy systems, knowledge graphs, Bayesian analysis, tree searching, etc. The future is going to see methods of Machine Learning that will not be simply neural network based.

All AI consulting services, Texas are utilizing machine learning on a large scale for exploring new possibilities in business, for saving time and money and for making smart decisions. AI assists in the automated determination of market patterns in real-time to help businesses take accurate and unbiased business decisions, unlike, decisions taken by intuition, which might lack accuracy. However, every technology comes with many benefits and some associated threats as well. There are tools and machines developed to generate fake content that aims at fooling people, encroaching on privacy, etc. There should be strong fraud-detection mechanisms to eliminate deception through machines. Automation should become extremely convenient, accurate and reliable as many critical scenarios like medical report generation, self-driven cars and assistive device operations are often AI-automated and hence demand utmost clarity and efficiency.

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