A database is a technology by which we keep and access data in an organized way. There are many database models used by the modern architect. Based on the needs and usage, we choose the database model in the system. Mainly, we work with the following DB models-

  • Relational Model
  • Flat-File Model
  • Big Data
  • In-Memory Model
  • Graph DB

Relational Database

This is the most popular database model and is robustly used in the industry. The relational model works very well when the data volume is not very big. We have vast experience in RDBMS and we have used the following databases in various applications-

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Aurora DB
  • Oracle DB

Flat-File Database/ NoSQL Database

A flat-file database stores data in the form of a flat file, which can either be a plain text file or a binary file. Unlike relational databases, a flat-file database doesn’t support data storage on multiple tables. Flat-file/NoSQL becomes efficient when the data volume is huge. Normally, we use the following NoSQL databases-

  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Couchbase

Big Data

Relational database engines can only accept data to a limit. There are some unstructured, often time-sensitive data which could not be processed by using the relational databases. Organizations which generate and process large volumes of data need Big data for reliable and fast data processing. Big data is a great opportunity for those organizations which are using mainframe infrastructures to maintain large volumes of data. Big data implementation and data migration can cut their technology costs drastically. Normally, we use the following Big data technologies-

  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • MapReduce
  • ElasticSearch / Solr
  • Spark
  • Data Lakes

In-Memory Database

In-Memory Database Technology(IMDB) stores data in RAM, the main memory of the computer. It negates the dependency on an external hard disk for accessing the data. Thus, an in-memory database is characterized by simplicity and swift performance. Many databases support the in-memory concept. Some renowned in-memory databases are as follows-

  • Redis
  • Apache Geode
  • Apache Ignite
  • SQLite

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