Educating Digitally

Meeting the learning needs of the current generation can’t happen using yesterday’s methods. The current generation of schools, universities and training institutes are undergoing tremendous reformations with updated technology trends in the field of learning. The educators’ need is to quickly and effectively transform old-school methods of education to hi-end digitalized learning by taking the advantage of the technological revolution in past few years. Educators throughout the world are adapting and implementing technologies in every sphere, starting from e-learning to analyzing students’ capabilities using Machine Learning


Revolution in mobility, internet speed and streaming technology enables educators to transform their primitive classrooms to e-learning hubs. Even the corporate sector is using e-learning facilities to train their employees for the development of their skill-sets. To meet the growing needs, e-learning offers the potential to fully realize the paradigm of smart learning.

It has been reported that 64% high school seniors said that tablets help students study more efficiently and 81% of teachers think that tablets can enrich classroom learning. Also, more than 95% of students use internet for self-learning. According to study, by 2025, the Global E-Learning Market size is expected to reach approximately $325 billion USD.

E-learning has been widely adopted by a large number of educational institutions worldwide, to make students accessible to futuristic learning. Institutions such as Columbia University, Kent University, Harvard Summer School, Standford University, University of Pennsylvania, and many more offer learning programs that employ e-learning methods. Unlike primitive learning methods, the corporations today make use of competitive and automated e-learning solutions too, which are easy to access, and helps corporate learners stay ahead of the edge of learning.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps to make smarter decisions. Throughout Studenthood, each learner generates a huge number of data while interacting with their teachers, books, question paper etc. Utilizing these data, we can build a system with Machine Learning technology which can give a deeper insight into the student’s capability, subject interest and future directions. If you are an entrepreneur and have an exciting idea on how to improve the education system with better future for students using Machine Learning, please Share your ideas with us.

When it comes to digitalized learning, Intelebee is your ideal technology partner. We have successfully developed cloud-based, accessible online learning applications and frameworks that enable educational institutions and learners to effectively meet the needs of learner’s communities worldwide. We adopt the consultative approach and develop custom mobility solutions and products which offer effective learning as well as guaranteed Return on Investment to the educators. Through analysis, design and development, our learning and mobility consultants provide highly modernized learning solutions.

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