Infrastructure and Transportation

The world is moving very fast and people are utilizing new technologies like mobility, GPS, etc. at a faster pace. This is the time to modernize business practices for industries including infrastructure, construction and public transit. Intelebee assists organizations to adapt to the dynamic market conditions and updated customer needs by implementing the right technology and providing solutions which not only increase the operational efficiency and enhance customer engagement but also improve customer offerings, customer acquisitions process, etc. for greater sustainability.

Smart Transportation

In the last few years, we have seen a revolution in the world of transportation. Starting from app-based taxis to drone-based goods transport system, today’s transportation businesses are using technology heavily. There are still numerous areas where technology can play a bigger role to improve the overall transport system and make it smarter. Business leaders in the Transport industry need to identify these undiscovered areas and invent ideas which can change the way we know our transportation system today. As a leader, if you have such an innovative idea, we can help you in building the system and make your business smarter than ever.

Intelebee has successfully implemented many mobility solutions using GPS / geo-location, geo-fencing technology and social media strategies for public transit organizations to improve customer interactions, consolidate the customer relations and boost customer engagement.

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