Internet of Things

The world is moving beyond isolated devices. We are running into a new era where almost all the devices worldwide will be connected. As the IoT will progress, human to machine interaction will become lesser and machine to machine (M2M) interaction will grow which will create an ecosystem of machines and humans.

What we do

We provide complete IoT solutions which include the followings –

  • IoT consulting
  • Prototype Designing & Development
  • Machine Learning/AI integration with IoT
  • Cloud application/backend development for IoT devices
  • Mobile app development for IoT devices
  • M2M communication setup and creating Smart Device Network
  • Embedded programming
  • Sensor integration and programming

At Intelebee, we can build your IoT product from the scratch, using our custom Embedded Simple Framework (SF) or using a more capable OS such as Embedded Linux® and Arduino. Using our in-house software library of proven modules and designs, we can rapidly design and develop your product, irrespective of whether you are looking for a proof-of-concept prototype or a ready-to-manufacture design. We are experienced in a wide range of microprocessors, micro-controllers and sensors.

Let Us Transform Your Devices into a Smart Device

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