The Industry of Media and Publishing

Organizations have now moved away from paper-based models to digital publishing and technology. This has given way to time-saving modes for news and entertainment propagation over the internet. The shelves of office buildings no more contain heaps of daily newspapers. Rather, media houses have come up with their personalized mobile apps and e-papers to deliver content to the reader's fingertips. These apps and e-papers are usually free of cost and provide news in multiple categories. One can highlight the news he wants to go through, by choosing content from the category of his choice. These news contents can also be accessed from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by a simple hit on the ‘subscription’ button. There are also paid mobile apps based on entertainment content like movies, songs, recipes, etc. and informative apps, giving information on one or more subjects. Online media has gained huge popularity due to its easy accessibility and striking representations by employing techniques like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, data streamlining, etc.

Technology and Future Media

The future is going to witness a media that will employ Machine Learning for Natural Language Generation (NLG). Through NLG, the system will be capable of creating automated online contents by recognizing language based on the given data. The human brain performs better with increased nurture and practice. Similarly, NLG performs well with more and more training. Generation of content through language generation happens in various stages like content determination, document structuring, aggregation, lexical choice, referring expression generation and realization. Robot journalism works on the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLG. The concept of robot journalism may be explained with an example. For instance, a media house may need to write content on ‘Benefits of Yoga’. The robot-journalistic system will use AI and NLG to browse through websites, videos, raw data, etc over the internet to capture information on the topic. Once the key points are captured, the system will automatically generate an article based on the available information. The future media is also going to make use of language-recognizing drones to capture remote data and generate articles on the same.

Media and Intelebee

We, at Intelebee, understand the transformation and the importance of each source and provide appropriate and beneficial digital publishing solutions. Our e-publishing solutions enable media houses to publish content and e-books online with just a few clicks. Our ‘m-readers’ solution for iOS and Android platforms is a complete solution which gives an amazing reading experience to the readers. Intelebee’s e-pub solution allows news generation through modernized concepts like NLG and assists indie publishers to publish their content online even if they do not have any technical knowledge. If you are running a media house and want to share ideas on futuristic media concepts like NLG, feel free to Contact us.

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