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Entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe have versatile ideas that can improve existing business processes and make lives smarter and exciting. Be it a startup or an established business, entrepreneurs need an experienced and smart Product Engineering team to implement their ideas into reality. With 10 years of product engineering experience, Intelebee has developed its own Product Engineering Model(PEM) which promises smooth and successful product development.

Challenges you may face

While working with entrepreneurs on a variety of ideas, we have observed many challenges at every stage from ideation to beta release.p>

Ideation and Feasibility:
At the early stage, entrepreneurs usually have knowledge about the fundamental concept of their product. However, they are often not aware of other quintessential possibilities with the power of technology and the need for a Product Engineering Model to ensure the feasibility of the development process.

Research and Development:
The core concept needs thorough R&D to check the technical feasibility and possibilities. R&D gives an insight into the realistic scenario of the development activity and thus helps in deciding the right approach before directly heading into to the development process.

Process Oriented Development:
Process Oriented Development is crucial for seamless delivery of a bug-free product in the market. In order to save money, many a time entrepreneurs overlook the need for Process Oriented Development. They end up compromising with updated technology, architecture, security, tools and execution environment. This often results in a messy and faulty product which cannot be even presented as a demo in the market. In ninety percent of these cases, the product needs to be redeveloped which in turn increases the production costs. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for every project to have process oriented development and execution.

Before the final product is developed with all its functionalities, a necessary penultimate step is to build a smaller prototype with minimum functionalities and introduce it to the real users. It not only provides the concept but also gives a solid idea about the market potential of the product and how it fulfills the actual user’s need.

Evolution & Maintenance:
Once the product is launched into the market, it is essential to maintain the product in the market through efficient sustenance services. Product Engineering assists business leaders to develop and sustain their products in the market through constant technical support. Through scientific Product Engineering techniques, the evolution of the products takes place according to market changes.

Product Engineering Model (PEM)


This is the inception stage and is very crucial. In this phase, we do several meetings and a lot of brainstorming with the clients to conceptualize smart solutions. We share ideas, technical feasibility, technical advantages and latest technologies and build a complete project plan. At the end of this stage, clients have a complete visualization of the final product, development plan, timeline and technology.


  • Wireframe of each page/screen
  • Functionality Flow Diagram
  • Feature list
  • Technology stack
  • Architecture document
  • Development sprints and timelines
  • Cost
  • Formal proposal


In some cases, to implement certain functionality, we need to do R&D to check the technical feasibility and possible solution. We want to make sure that the prime requirements of the entrepreneurs are feasible and doable before jumping into the development of the entire project. In most of the projects, R&D is not needed.

Prototype Development

It is always advisable to build a prototype or ‘demo ready product(DRP)’ of the concept instead of final product with all the features. Idea always evolves and changes when it hits into the market and real users start using the product. In order to understand what works for real users, a prototype is needed. It also helps the entrepreneurs to showcase the product to the investors.

Evolution & Development

After getting feedback from the real users and testing team it is time to evolute the prototype and give it to the right shape that user want. Evolution and development is a continuous process and it continues till the time the product exists in the market. We follow the proven Product Development Process (PDP) to ensure the successful development.

Testing & Bug fixing

During the product development the product go through numerous testing processes starting from automated unit testing to manual functionality testing. Before the beta release our testing team does a through testing with real data in the staging server and releases a test report. Development team fixes all the bugs before they push the product into the live server for beta release.

Beta release

This is a happy moment for the entrepreneurs, developers and the entire team involves in product development. After beta release, we keep a close look at the product to understand the users activities, behavior of the product, user acceptance etc. Beta release is essential because mostly early adaptors use the beta product and give lot of valuable feedback.


The world is dynamic and so is business. As time passes, user expectations, technology, business needs and other factors change. Based on these changes we also need to update the product in order to keep it valuable to the users. This is part of evolution. Our maintenance service enables entrepreneurs to update product specifications according to current standards, thus ensuring continuity of the product for a longer time in the market.

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