The Retail Industry

The behavior of consumers in the retail industry has changed significantly in the past few years. More than 70% of the consumers do a research on internet before they purchase products or services. It is believed that the physical and the digital worlds are converging now, which means that the consumers are expecting uniform service both from brick and mortar shops and e-commerce. Consumers now want to have every detail about a product online even if the product is from a heritage brick and mortar shop. Customers now often engage in online window and actual shopping. Intelebee helps retail businesses to adapt to the latest trends by implementing the right technology and providing a customer-centric solution which consolidates the customer engagement and customer acquisition process.

e-Eommerce & Mobi Commerce

There has been a ballooning of the e-commerce sector with significant technological growth. Day by day, more and more selling and buying activities are taking place online with the use of technologies like AR, VR, Electronic Data Interchange(EDI), data streaming, etc. E-commerce creates a flexible digital market of a wide range of products and services such as e-books, clothing, banking, advertising, food ordering, etc, allowing customers to pay online and through COD. Mobile apps have opened new doors to digital transactions and companies are bringing higher profits with increased exposure of products via online B2C communication. We, at Intelebee, provide high-end e-commerce and mobile commerce solutions to the retail businesses

Consumer Behavior

When consumers purchases products, their purchasing behavior differs and each consumer follows a specific pattern of products. The evolution of AI and big data gives us the opportunity to uncover this behavioral pattern and analyze it. These analysis reports will give a deeper insight into consumer behavior which helps business leaders in the retail industry to make a smarter decision on sales &promotion, stock purchasing etc. Being a retail business owner or decision maker, if you have such idea, which can change the way you do business, Intelebee can help you to build such application. Feel free to Contact us.

Smart Store

With the implementation of advanced technologies, the ’real’ brick-and-mortar stores are getting equipped with concepts such as smart carts, smart dressing rooms, smart shelves, smart pay facilities, etc. using technologies such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID), augmented reality, cloud computing, etc. This is aiding to refine the offline shopping experience to a large extent. Customers will be more inclined to buy the products of their choice due to better explanation and understanding of products within the ‘real store’ itself. One can visit the real store, opt for smart selection of a product from a smart shelf and check fittings in the smart dressing room, and finally purchase the product with smart payment options which might even assist in avoiding queues for billing.

Our e-commerce programs allow all brick and mortar shops to go online with minimum cost and effort. Our ‘Go Mobile’ mission is created for retailers who want to reach the potential buyers on mobile. Our experts define and implement the right social media strategy for retail businesses to strengthen the marketing process.

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