Application Development

There are many technologies available in the technology world which are used to build applications. Choosing the right technology is a critical decision which needs to be taken carefully. According to the nature of application and usage, we choose the technology.

Server-side/Back-end Programming

In every application, backend programming is a must. Backend program runs on the server which interacts with the database and provides access to the data on the front-end via API. We build backend application and a single set of APIs for all frontend access including web app, mobile app and desktop app frontend. This method reduces the rework and eases the application maintenance and enhancement process. We use many technologies in order to build the backend. Few are mentioned below:

  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • NodeJS
  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel
  • Zend

Front-end Programming

Building user interface is an art which represents the simplicity and usability of the app no matter how complex the backend is. Front-end programming also ensures the minimum loading through client-side cache, client-side processing and light codebase. We give the highest priority to usability and simplicity while designing the frontend. We use many technologies for building the front-end. Few are mentioned below-

  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • HTML 5 and CSS
  • JavaScript

Desktop App Development

Sometimes it becomes a necessity to build desktop application even if businesses already have a web application. For example, an e-learning company may not use the web app for video classes due to lack of security in the web application when it comes to video streaming. The obvious solution for them is the desktop app. Web TV/Series companies like Netflix can also come up with a desktop app for the same kind of security threat. Based on the requirements, we choose the right technology. Normally, we use the following technologies to build the desktop application-

  • .Net framework for Microsoft PC
  • Java FX for all desktop types-Mac, Windows, Linux

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