Why Big Data?

Relational database engines can only accept data to a limit.There are some unstructured, often time-sensitive data which cannot be processed by using the relational databases. To process this type of data, we need Big Data.

Over the last couple of decades, every business has started gathering information and digitalization along with increased user interaction has resulted in the generation of more and more data. This huge volume of data has become unmanageable by conventional database systems (RDBMS). Big Data with the cloud is the ultimate solution to accessing, storing and analyzing such large volumes of data in a swift and reliable manner. Big Data can be used in many organizations where huge data needs to be processed at a single time.


Hadoop with AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • It can effectively manage massive chunks of data with its high speeds and stupendous scalability.
  • It is cost-effective
  • It can be easily integrated into other services
  • It supports a wide range of tools like Hive, Pig, Hue, Ganglia, Oozie, and HBase.
  • Due to the presence of numerous Availability zones, the user can easily refrain from launching a cluster in a zone with potential threats. This helps in better disaster management.
  • Hadoop, along with Amazon EMR, ensures that data is processed in a seamless manner without much of administrative complexities.
Big Data for streaming

The continuous and simultaneous generation of dynamic and unending data from infinite number of sources like mobile apps, games, geo-locations, online purchases, ticket bookings, social media, etc. is known as data streaming. In order to effectively process these simultaneous data in real-time, we need Big Data.

Elastic Search
  • It makes Big Data analysis easier.
  • By employing Machine Learning, the elastic search can automatically evaluate enormous amount of data in real-time.
  • Keeps a check on data updates.
  • Follows automated data indexing procedures and detects even the new and failed nodes inside clusters.
  • Provides an optimized alternative to trace large quantities of data by converting data from RDBMS form to NoSQL form.

Intelebee and Big Data

How Intelebee assists companies with Big Data?

Understand the need: We, at Intelebee, understand the present system of the business in order to figure out how big data can be incorporated into the system to revamp the business.

Define strategies: Intelebee helps to define the right strategies to integrate Big Data into business. This is the stage of conceptualization.

lanning: Once the strategies are defined, we ensure smart and scientific planning for speedy implementation of Big Data in business.

Implementation: This the actualization stage, where the Big Data actually gets implemented into the system.

Monitoring: Once the Big Data is implemented, we do constant monitoring to make sure that the upgraded system performance is smooth and error-free.

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