Internet of Things

The age of internet ubiquity has arrived. Internet of Things (IoT) is basically going to take over every aspect of our lives which includes homes, offices, cars and to some extent even our bodies. The main aim of implementing IoT is to connect all the devices to a common platform from where they can interact with each other. By 2020, the amount of internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, making profits and cost savings of about $19 trillion over the next decade, according to Cisco Systems.


At Intelebee, we use advanced and stable technologies to build the required prototype. There are readymade boards and sensors available which can be used to build the prototype. Normally, we use the following boards, sensors, IDE and programming languages in order to build the product-

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Beaglebone
  • OpenBCI for brain scanning and EEG
  • Python for programming
  • Embedded C
  • Arduino IDE

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