Technology that Matters

For the last few decades, technology has evolved at a tremendously fast pace. Thus, there is an ardent need for modern businesses to understand which technology will exactly suit their business models. As an IT consultancy company, Intelebee helps to identify the right areas in business and the right technologies for these areas.

Why technology?


Using the right technology in the right areas of business increases the efficiency of the overall business process, thus yielding outstanding business results.


Integrating the smartest and the most updated technologies in the business models of the companies help them to come out with the most exclusive outcomes. Smarter and seamless delivery of services helps companies to stand out in the competitive market.


Efficient business practices with enhanced technologies resulting in the swiftest delivery of best services will eventually result in the impressive growth of the business processes.

Technologies that will Change the World

AI and Machine Learning

It’s believed that AI will transcend the natural intelligence of the human brain in the coming future. The most complex decisions may easily be achieved by the use of artificial robots that are made by the juxtaposition of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Businesses worldwide have widely been looking up to Machine Learning (ML) for making smarter decisions. Machine Learning algorithms may use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language to create self –sufficient digital systems that can act like human beings but perform beyond human capabilities.

Speech Recognition

Today, users love to interact with devices/phones in their own voices. Tech giants including Google and Apple are working on speech recognition technologies using Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Through ML and deep learning neural network, we can build the speech recognition module which can be used in different applications. Using open source libraries in voice recognition, we can build a powerful application for your users to make your business more interactive and reachable.


Blockchain will change the way we transact today. Blockchain brings the concept of open laser which removes the third-party authentication in transactions. Blockchain-based systems are the most reliable and unbreakable in terms of security. Blockchain allows financial service providers like banks, insurance companies, etc. to transact with their customers safely and securely. Since every block is connected to the previous block, no central record keeping is required. The concept of distributed and open laser is implemented in an intelligent way to maintain the transparency and trust among the parties who are involved in the transaction. Blockchains can be a great way to maintain transactions digitally, enabling smooth calculations and trusted working systems.

Deep Learning

To process complex and large datasets in Machine Learning and Prediction, shallow learning does not work. Shallow learning uses a simple neural network with minimum layers. In applications like image recognition, Deep neural network is used which gives more perfection in prediction. Today, in most of the Machine Learning projects, we use deep neural network, in other words, Deep Learning. Deep Learning uses multiple layers (more hidden layers) of nodes to handle large data patterns. Deep Learning technology enables us to train an ML application with large volumes of data patterns. This, in turn, gives the opportunity to the business leaders to know the insights of their businesses and automate complicated processes in the businesses.

NLP( Natural Language Processing)

We humans interact in human languages like English but the computer could not understand our language until NLP was introduced. Everyday people generate a large volume of data from various sources starting from social media to the customer care department of a company. With the help of NLP, we can process these huge volumes of data and get the insights which were never possible before.

Big Data

Gathering the maximum amount of data is now a common practice in every kind of organization, from small companies to big corporations. Storing, accessing and processing such mammoth amount of data is easy because Big data has come into the picture. Big data, together with the powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms, is giving deep insights into the businesses. Business leaders no more take decisions based on their intuitions, rather they rely on data when it comes to making vital decisions.

Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent is nothing but a software application which interacts with humans like a human being in the human language with emotions and expressions. With the help of NLU (Natural Language Understanding), speech recognition and NLG, Virtual Agent can be built. There are many areas in businesses where Virtual Agent can solve problems with reliability and accuracy.

As a business leader, you should know the areas in which you need a modern technology. Intelebee is here to find the right technology for the right area of your business.

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