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Over the past few years, the choices and behaviors of travelers have changed significantly creating a stupendous impact on the tourism and hospitality industry. With each passing year, travelers are getting more and more interested in mobile solutions and web 3.0. Nowadays, people searching for the best hotels and places no longer wander around cities to get information. Mobile technology has paved a new way for travel agents and has become a traveler’s personal attendant. Tourists today directly turn to their phones for online bookings, directions and recommendations. People are using mobile apps to seek information on restaurants and hotels. From ordering favorite food to paying bills for a meal, everyone is dependent on handheld gadgets. According to Business Insiders, the adoption of smart-phones, tablets and other devices have changed the way of traveling.

Digital Engagement

The digital travel sales worldwide are approximately 564.87 billion USD. The total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy is reported to be 7.61 trillion USD. As a result of the growing dependency on mobility, the travel industry is continuously looking for IT solutions that can cater to the rising online demands. The travel industry needs advanced technologies with every customer’s expectations at fingertips. Hence, factors like updated mobile solutions and easy accessibility have become the need of the hour.

New Opportunity

Massive digital engagement of travelers and the usage of technology in traveling has resulted in the availability of a massive amount of raw user behavioral data. This massive data can be analyzed with machine learning technologies to discover hidden opportunities and deep insights into any business. Business leaders should take full advantage and leverage the technology to make the travel industry smarter and better. If you have an idea which can be the Next Big Thing(NBT) or improve the existing process, please contact us for a free consultation on technology.

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